Friday, January 9, 2015

Foodie Friday: "That's Lunch!"

The past two weeks, Red Beard and I have been implementing (a little at a time) a new food plan. I first saw Alton Brown's "Live and Let Diet" episode of Good Eats on Netflix. Then, I showed it to Red Beard. And we agreed to work on incorporating his "4 Lists" into our diet.

Our eating wasn't terrible prior to this, but it wasn't exactly great either. 

A quick google search will bring up many articles on these "4 Lists" (like this one from weight maven). Each article contains a differing opinion, most opinions were overall positive. 

Personally, we do our smoothies a little differently from Brown, but we have other health considerations (like my blood sugar issue). We use whole dairy milk and plain yogurt along with fruit. No biggie.

N.B. I'm not a doctor. Do your own research. I'm just telling you what we're doing/ what works for us.

We had the rest of my family in town this past week for a late Christmas, so I did make a few exceptions to the rules the last several days. But for the most part, we did very well. Especially on our lunches, which is what I'm going to spotlight for you today.

The best advice I can give you is two-fold: PLAN & PREP AHEAD.

Here was our lunch menu this past week (6 lunches for 2 people):

#1 Roasted Nourish Bowl from Simple Veganista
#2 Hummus-Veggie Wraps (or pitas)
#3 Sushi (from a few different websites that I'll link below)

Each of these lunches required some planning and prepping ahead of time--especially since Red Beard leaves for work long before the sun peeks over the horizon and I am incapable of doing anything more than stirring up a simple sauce at that dark hour.

I'll show you basically how I broke each recipe down to make it easier on myself. Which translates to easier on the waistline. Let's get started!

#1 Roasted Nourish Bowl from Simple Veganista 
(4 servings, 2 days of lunches for us)
Pre-roasted vegetables
The day before:
  • Roast Vegetables in the Oven
  • Cook your grain (we chose black rice)
  • Portion out your vegetables & grains in to-go containers (or bowls with saran wrap if you're going to be eating at home)... be sure to label them!
Freshly rinsed spinach awaiting the container of rice and roasted veggies (plus sauce!)
The day of:
  • MORNING: Rinse spinach (or green of choice) & bag it up
  • MORNING: Whip up sauce & put it in a travel container
  • LUNCHTIME: Heat up your rice & veggies and assemble your salad to eat!

#2 Hummus-Veggie Wraps or Pitas 
(4 servings, 2 days of lunches for us)
These spinach wraps that I made last week using this recipe from Annie's Eats were awesome!
This is a view of 2nd day pre-chopped veggies. The avocado may not look pretty, but it was sprinkled with lime juice and it tasted pretty great!
The day before:
  • Make hummus (or pull out a batch from the freezer)
  • Chop your favorite vegetables & put them in separate containers in the fridge
  • OPTIONAL: Make your own wraps or pitas or pull some out of the freezer
This combination of flavors was so tasty that we made it two weeks in a row: Once with pitas, once with wraps!
The day of:
  • MORNING: Assemble your wraps: Spread some hummus on your bread, add your favorite vegetables, roll it up (if it's a wrap), put in saran wrap or foil to take it with you
  • LUNCHTIME: Unwrap from foil & enjoy!

#3: Sushi
(4 servings, 2 days of lunches for us)
I like to spread the rice on the seaweed paper, then sprinkle the rice with toasted sesame seeds before adding vegetables and rolling them up.
The end pieces may not look pretty, but they still taste great!
The day before: 

Love it!
The day of:

I hope this post inspires you to make your own favorite healthy lunches, utilizing fresh produce & whole grains when possible!

Here's to taking better care of our temples (1 Cor. 6:19-20). ~ Mrs. D.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

IT'S A...

Before we return to our regularly scheduled program... er, at least the posts about health and what-not I have planned, we have some news to share (now that family knows).

So, last week we had an early ultrasound, due to some concerns that I won't get into. Long story short, everything is fine with Baby (Praise the Lord!) and we were able to get a sneak peek at the gender of our child.

I know some people like to wait, but I, for one, abhor pale yellow and would rather our kid be what God intended him or her to be, you know? If it's a boy, let him be a boy and wear boy clothes. If it's a girl, let her be a girl and wear girl clothes.

And then there was the notion that we may not get to see what it is at all.

But, as God would have it, we got to find out that we are having...

a boy! And he's already mooning the camera.

Camping, fishing, hunting, archery are all fun things coming our way. Red Beard is already gearing up for us to go camping with Little Man this fall.

Singing praises for our growing baby boy! ~Mrs. D.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Not Pretty While Pregnant?

We first learned that
we were expecting in early September. I remember, over the course of those first few weeks, spending my days mostly in bed (hey, hey first trimester), devouring pictures of Kate Middleton's first pregnancy, and dreaming of how pretty I, too, might look while pregnant.

Say what you will about the duchess, her classy style and slender figure are both very stunning. She gives off a very graceful image. What pregnant woman wouldn't want to look like she did, for goodness' sake?

The more I looked at those pictures, however, the more I realized my delusion--I don't look like Kate Middleton when I'm not pregnant. How on earth would I look like her when I am pregnant?

I am not tall or of a slender build. I'm also pretty short-waisted and... um... more curvy.

Trying to look like the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge is not very realistic for me. Ever.

Now, to any guy reading this post, if he's actually made it this far, my realization makes little sense ("So?"). But to probably any female who's ever been discontent with her own image, my realization is relatable.

In one of my previous pregnancy posts, I talked about my determination not to become one of "those" pregnant women. A sobbing (or down right evil) sack of emotions... you know the type.

And I have to tell you that some days, raging emotions are harder to control than others.

Yet, the one thing I want to bear in mind is this: Being pregnant is not all about me. Sure, I'm the one carrying the child. I'm the one with the weight gain, indigestion, feet/ankle swelling, extra acne, back pain, hip pain, etc. But the whole point is that a child is being brought into this world.

In about 4 months or so, we'll have a little boy or girl that needs to be taken care of--physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

So, whether I have my current craving in hand or not (at 5:40 a.m. on Tuesday, I was craving a hot dog, a pickle, and ridges potato chips... definitely a "not"), whether I have that pregnancy "glow" or not (nope), or whether I have a restricted diet or not (somewhat), my focus needs to remain on someone else.


If I lose sight of Him, I may be able to physically take care of my child, but there's no way my or my child's spiritual and emotional lives will remain on track.

It is completely normal to want to look pretty. And I'm not saying to go to the grocery store half-dressed or in your pajamas or to eat un-healthy amounts of food or never exercise. But looks cannot be my top priority. If they are, they have become an idol.

I know that it's the new year and that everyone is looking for "healthy" posts. I will share a few things within the next few days about that, but the most important thing is having the right mind-set beforehand and also having the right priority: God first.

Love to you all this new year! ~Mrs. D.